Over the last year or so, we have worked on various mixes for CAMP radio.

Normally these mixes are in collaboration with Prana Crafter (Will Sol) but for a few months, whilst Will is busy on other projects, he suggested I continue doing mixes alone.

I’m really loving the process and hope they are enjoyable to listen to…

This new series is called OBLADADA: SONIKO and are an extension of the music we write about, and reflects the music we are currently enjoying.

OBLADADA: SONIKO Pt1 (tracklist)

1. Intro

2. Tamam Shud: Music Train (edit)

3. Headboggle: Embers

4. Nolan Potter: Into The Magic Bag

5. Wildest Dreams: Scorpion Bay

6. Sam Prekop: Knitting Needles

7. Faust: Juggernaut

8. Tarawangsawelas: Selalu (edit)

9. Bitchin Bajas: Zone 2

10. Jeff Keen: Artwar Noise Loop

11. P.M Tummula: It’s Still Around Us

12. Les Rallizes Dénudés: Otherwise My Conviction

13. The Transcendence Orchestra: Only Out Perfect

14. G.F. Fitz-Gerald & Lol Coxhill: Echoes Of Duneden (edit)

15. Calcium: Je T’ai Crue

16. Eugene Carchesio: Circle Music II B

17. Baligh Hamdi: Mawood the Beloved Date

18. Dadamah: Brian`s Children (edit)

19. PAQ: Hyphae (edit)

20. Chillera: Side B (edit)

21. Log Across The Washer: My Brother is a Disaster

22. Drum Circus: Grove Rock (edit)

23. Fela Kuti: Mr Grammarticalogylisationalism Is the Boss (edit)

24. Fripp and Eno: Healthy Colours 1

25. Salvia Plath: Interlude

26. Anthony Manning: ipp.3

27. Shapoval Sextet: Povernennia (edit)

28. The Red Krayola: The Jewels of the Madonna 

29. Nolan Potter: Music Is Dead (edit)

30. Guy Pedersen: Kermesse Non Héroïque

31. Roland Kayn: Tarego I (edit)

32. Phuong Tâm: Buon 18 

33. Moebius & Beerbohm: Subito

34. Eola: Future Hymns (edit)

35. Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Walt Rockman: Fairy Tale

36. Dalthom: Newt t (edit)

37. Faust: Gegensprechanlage

38. General Magic & Pita: Cool Fridge +

39. Bitchin Bajas: CUTS IV – Side B (edit)

40. Nobukazu Takemura: Icefall (edit)

41. Obladada: Test Pattern

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