AVENTURO 10: Bart De Paepe | Den Osschaert (2018)

Pagus Wasiae was a big highlight in a huge swath of recent Beyond Beyond is Beyond releases. In the last few years, the Belgian musician Bart De Paepe has been present at the steaming fissure of truly spectacular deep psych. Master-minding the stunning output of Sloow Tapes label, and key within a rich vein of later day European kosmic music. Paepe is laced through projects like Sylvester Anfang II, Ilta Hämärä as well as his solo work – the central axis of a very real head music.


Within a tenth of a second, the opening track Den Osschaert is already further out there than many albums shouting much louder gets anywhere near in their entire durations. You are thrown head first into bleeping squiggly zoetrope of mutating sound which doesn’t let up.

His music is always spectacular, and the music seems to perform a curious trick. Its easy to see the links back to earlier music – Tangerine Dream and Cluster at their most intergalactic perhaps, but Paepe’s music feels like the early seventies head splitters haven’t simply been regurgitated.  Instead, they have been in a dark cellar fermenting unpredictably in the decades since…

Dangerously heady stuff and all the more impressive for it.

Pagus Wasiae is available from BBIB here, Sloow Tapes releases are available from here 


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