AVENTURO 16: Monolith | Shadows (2006)

This is one of those albums that I came across randomly on Bandcamp. A huge album of drifting shoegaze textures. A slightly less aggressive development of the rural psych mapped out by Flying Saucer Attack. The penultimate track Shadows however seems to be the point where the whole album reach’s a gloriously saturated peak.


Building out of a flanged guitar and smudged vocals invokes a shuffling groove tapped out with a measured tambourine shake. The whole song slowly layering over itself until several minutes in – the sound engulfs you in a huge throbbing arc of cosmic bliss. Listening loud is nothing short of spectacular.

The song invites the child like joy of feeling the music play in the space, emanating from the speakers and moving through the room quite literally like a shadow in sound. The song ends in a stripped-down version of itself but it’s impossible not to mentally over write that with what came before.

Monolith (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) is available here

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