REVISIO: M. Geddes Gengras | Interior Architecture

This prolific Los Angeles-based modular synth master has delighted our ears for the quite a few years. The crystallized forms of the glorious Ishi from 2014 and many others didn’t quite prepare us for Interior Architecture, a vast labyrinthine monster spreading out to almost 80 minutes.

As the title suggests, it seems to map out a structure, a dream or journey through a complex space. Narrow passages, vast auditoriums, glass spiral staircases all transposed directly into your brain.

By the time the odd sounds roll around the speakers in the second half of Staircase_Pressure Reverie_Structure_Worm Suite Pt 2, you know this album just isn’t going to resolve itself into anything simple. And the piano flurries that follow seem to welcome you into this new world.

Wonderful hallucinatory oddness of the highest order. 

Interior Architecture is available here on vinyl and as a digital download

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