Here at OBLADADA, in what probably sounds like an immediate cop out – the best albums of 2018 in our opinion are probably the ones that appear on the site as reviews. Being tiny and independent, the whole point of this site is simply to highlight and signpost the music that rose above the rest from our little angle of the universe. Music that we believe is worthy to dive deeply into.

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s the time when everyone tries to encapsulate the year in reviews and a ‘best of’ list. In amongst the new reviews and the stuff yet to be heard, we are always mindful of the continual wave of revisiting and recontextualising the music we have heard before. The best new music somehow points to the future and simultaneously to the past.

So, like some sort of wacky lopsided advent calendar, starting tomorrow and for the next 18 days, we’ll spotlight the tracks that entered or re-entered our brains over the last 12 months and stayed. Whether the music was released this year or almost half a century back – doesn’t make any difference, in our personal look back at what continually found its way back to the top of the pile.

#adventurokalendro starts tomorrow….


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