AVENTURO 12: Prana Crafter | Enter The Stream (2018)

Prana Crafter’s Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice felt like a krauty flythrough of Will Sol’s home in the forests and peaks of the Pacific North West. So this year’s Enter The Stream felt like a more ambitious internal and external journey. For me, as someone that generally gravitates to music rather than song, I was expecting the album to end up being something that maybe I’d skip through. 

In a way, the very thing that got its hook into me with Enter The Stream was a surprise – the achingly beautiful title track.

With a gently cavernous guitar and sensitive vocals, this is perhaps the most stripped back Sol has ever been. This exposure only confirms there is nothing remotely mannered about Sol’s approach. This is a hit single beamed directly from the forest; it pulls in the listener and overwhelms with its gorgeousness. The huge gently arching waves and buried organ tone create a beautifully airy psych ballad.

What’s stuck with me is that this track feels like a complete distillation of the deep well from which Prana Crafter draws. I’ve yet to find anyone that’s listened that’s not admitted it’s got something magical about it. A meditation to nature, a love song, an outlining of symbols, myths and processes. Layers of meaning wrapped in a perfectly constructed song that deserves to find an audience far beyond however it is currently categorised.

It’s hymnal.

Enter The Stream here
Read our review of Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice here and Enter The Stream here 

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