REVISIO: Bellboy//Bubblecrunch / Bellboy//Bubblecrunch

This demented apparent doubleheader is a twisted, joy laden flythrough of Curtis Godino’s hard drive who just happens to be one third of the superb Worthless. Much like Godino’s group activities, there is an immediate sense of grooving lush candy encased psychedelia that waste no time in dragging you off into somewhere psychoactive. Despite a tuneful spine, anyone that happens to get caught in your speaker’s tractor beam, will more than likely think you’ve lost your mind.

The first half of the release is given over to Bellboy. A mixture of bulbous electronics, scratchy samples, chatter, self help records and grooves. That same whiff of the fairground that dripped of every stalagmite in Worthless last album The Cave is laced through everything.  Later on, Bubblecrunch reveals a more electronic spikiness but taken as a whole, the album is jammed packed with countless ideas, fully realised in deeply concentrated, impeccably presented micro doses.

After the mental sorbet of Intro, the red herring titled The Good The Bad And The Ugly veers off into a mutated tape dragging lunatic asylum. Something originally almost normal becomes instantaneous corroded and buckled. The sky-high groove of Natural Observer plots out a garage rock grid before blasting into outer space. Imagine Joe Meek producing the C.A. Quintet. Less that five minutes in and I’ve already heard more ideas than many albums cover in their entire durations…


After the Hispanic street vibe intro of Bellboy Theme 1, the music creates a misty swamp scene before the frogs turn on their spaceship. Relaxing On A Dime chews on a fragment that reminds me of Peggy Lee’s I Will Follow Him before being sucked into a campfire choir as they spin down the plug hole.

Bellboy’s Theme is Ennio Morricone’s wild west but with Tyrannous Rex replacing the dusty tobacco chomping villains. Break 1 9 is a memory of a Bruce Haack dream bouncing around in sparkling bubblebath of electronics. Side A ends with The Pledge. Built around what seems like a self-help record, the voice narrates a twisted journey were the order and words that anchor the original sample in any sense of ‘place’ are thoughtfully censored. The only sense here is a celebration of nonsense.

Welcome signals side B and the entrance of Bubblecrunch. This is the audio version of the pop-up window that’s navigated around your ad blocker. A layer of subtitles attempting to explain what’s happening. A humorous but useful bastard son of Siri and family… The voice suggests you recalibrate you brain. And after a particular amazing passage of bleeping electrons, it’s true.


Bellboy // Bubblecrunch are of course both slices of Godino and this album positivity fizzes with his creativity and humour.  20 songs in total that taken as a whole send the listener on a hugely entertaining zig zagging journey. There is a sense its built at home but still it’s so rich, dynamic and sonically sophisticated. Perhaps the greatest element though is that the whole thing sounds like its outside of time – a pantomime for your mind. The surface textures are so well presented, it’s a complete environment mercury dipped landscape on headphones and super dynamic loud on speakers.

Bellboy // Bubblecrunch, like Worthless are carving a unique and amazing laser beam through our world. I’m genuinely amazed that this isn’t making far bigger waves. You’ll laugh, you’ll dance, and you’ll have folk concerned you’ve lost your mind and you’d be advised to not give a fuck. They’ll catch up eventually…

Bellboy // Bubblecrunch is out now, step into the madness here



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