3. Konstantaj Objektoj | Black Dice: Creature Comfort (2004)

Despite their earliest incarnation as a violent thrashing hooligans, Black Dice over the course of the early 2000s morphed their DIY aesthetic into more expansive electronic settings. Like their artwork and set up, everything had a sense that using enough glue will make just about anything stick together.

Plug this into that, sample this through that and try and wrestle some sense of form from these wobbly off-centred events. Their second album and the last with Hisham Akira Bharoocha alongside the later and more settled line up of brothers, Bjorn and Eric Copeland,and Aaron Warren, is like a swim through a slowly setting musique concrete. Treetops bounces around like its slowly activating the grid-like puzzle of the sleeve. Creature grows out the sludge into a speaker warping drum track accompanied by a backing group of freshly escaped zoo animals.

Live Loop is little more than an abrasive pulse before the vast otherworldly quarter hour of Skeleton woozes in like heatstroke. As the title suggests, its like a journey through the structure of something that fully formed would be far more normal. The sound build-up of a sliding guitar, drums and a mess of chirping electronics eventually drowns out into a throbbing mess of spine-tingling reflections. After an eternity, the soup births a metallic guitar melody that’s as transportive as it’s beautiful out of all the mess. After a long strange journey, Skeleton pulls the rug, the floor and the ground and switches off the gravity from under your feet.

Get Creature Comforts here 

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