7. Konstantaj Objektoj | Circulatory System: Signal Morning (2009)

There are of course a huge variety of how musicians can approach making music. And for those that aim for a particular form of psychedelic rock, the best result is music that’s crammed with odd details and weird flourishes. Music that gives the listener a sense everything has a fluidity that dances just above total chaos. This, more than likely, means a huge amount of working over and over aspects again and again and frankly, a huge amount of commitment and effort. Getting that balance between over stretched and undercooked is hard.

Circulatory System’s 3 distinct albums though have all managed to do spectacular things. Yesterday’s World is a beautiful sensitive and trippy affair, Mosaics Within Mosaics as the title highlights, an impossible tapestry of interlocking threads but, for me, Signal Morning is a glorious hallucinating mess at the top of the pile.

17 tracks in 46 minutes that feels like 100’s of marker points on a neon scribble. Rock music that throws atoms of The Beach Boys, The Beatles and ELO into a food blender with added electronics, fuzz, and magic dust scattered everywhere. Music that delights in all the twists and gestures, despite the weight of references and general sonic clutter, it’s a superbly immersive listen that develops different arms and legs every time you hit play.

Dive into Signal Morning here

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