16. Konstantaj Objektoj | Pita: Get In (2016)

Peter Rehberg is Pita and the man behind, one of the most influential labels in experimental and electronic music – Austria’s Editions Mego. The label helped signpost folk like Fennesz, Farmers Manual, Hecker, Kevin Drumm and many others. He’s even the ‘berg’ part of Fenn-O-Berg alongside Christian Fennesz and the ubiquitous Jim O’Rourke, but always felt somehow overlooked as a significant musician in his own right.

20160815 (preview) from Tina Frank on Vimeo.

However, over the last 25 years, he’s dropped several albums of superbly bristling, agitated electronica including an easy to group series of albums – Get Out, Get Down, Get Off, Get In and Get On. Pita’s music has a huge range of surface textures but Get In feels like a particularly amazing access point to his twisted take on beautiful zero gravity ambience.

The opener Fvo feels like the sound of a planet rotating before the mutated signal bath of 20150609 1 rhythmically mis-fires. Aahn and Line Angel form to drifts underpinned with tiny pulsing details for 14 kosmic minutes.

S200729 rounds out a squelchy acidic rhythm that tickles your ears. Magnetic stuff that instinctively has you reaching to turn up the volume, but be warned – you’re gonna shit your pants! Perhaps an even more violent counterpoint to Get Out’s staggering 3rd track. Out of nowhere, like some cable in the set up decides to unexpectedly work again, a new layer of sound, but louder and superbly double dipped in fuck knows what, explodes over everything. Noisy, aggressive and frankly, an orgasm in audio. Even knowing what’s coming takes away little of its corrosive beauty.

9U2016 plots a damaged collapse of bizarre elements before the absolutely beautiful hanging nebula of Mfbk. 10 minutes of gentle enlarging forms, like Eno’s Discreet Music after a meteor shower that lasted light years…

Get In

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