20. Konstantaj Objektoj | Yahowha 13: Sonic Portation (2008)

The advent of the internet has clearly meant that it’s much easier to find out about music and artists that would have been almost impossible in previous decades. It’s a fact that without Google, YouTube or BandCamp, what has become accessible and sometimes loved here at OBLADADA would have been hugely curtailed.

Of course, as artists and albums slowly get the attention they deserve, sometimes decades later, one understandable but potentially risky side effect is the comeback album. As a broad rule, I tend not to get my hopes up when folk I love head back into the studio. It’s not fair to imagine they’ll snap straight back into the same vibe they had in 1970…

But as much as I totally love Ya Ho Wha 13, (I can’t overstate how significant the God And Hair boxset is) any such nervousness about this very late in the day addition to the discography was totally unfounded. 33 years later Djin, Octavius, and Sunflower Aquarian whip out a hugely satisfying live reunion. All the themes laid down by Father Yod and The Source Family, are faithfully mapped out with the same respect and kosmic focus as anything they’ve done previously.

Starting out with a primal chanted build up, Eao Sin blossoms into a thumping metallic groove over 12 superb minutes. Yod Hey Yau Hey Tetractys draws a mirage somewhere between the void of Father Yod and the Magic Band mid-flight. Travelling Ohm and Big Kundalinui whip up fast moving textures before the breath/heartbeat of the closer In and Out spells this simple message of both the music and this album – the joy of being here.

Go with the flow!

Get Sonic Portation here

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